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Chicago DuctworkStandard Heating & Cooling provides professional air duct installation and repair services for residential and light commercial application. If you are installing a new HVAC system, let our Chicago heating and air conditioning experts take care of the ductwork for you, ensuring everything is installed and working properly to provide you with maximum energy efficiency.

Proper installation of Chicago ductwork can save you a lot of money - upwards of thousands of dollars! This is because how your ductwork is installed greatly effects the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems. Air ducts that have not been installed correctly will not only increase your heating and cooling costs, but will also wear out your heating and air conditioning systems since they will have to work harder to make up for the slack. Likewise, a leak in your HVAC system's ductwork can let air escape making, your furnace or air conditioner less efficient, costing you more money on your energy bills.

If you need ductwork installation or repair service in the Chicago area, call the experts at Standard Heating & Cooling today at 708-387-7700, and ensure the job is done right.

Our Chicago Ductwork Contractors Provide These Services

  • Ductwork
  • Air Ducts
  • Duct Repair
  • Ducts and Vents
  • HVAC Service
  • Duct Sealing
  • Duct Installation
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Ventilation
  • Ducting
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Heating and Air Conditioning

Why Chicago Should Hire Us For Their Ductwork

Standard Heating & Cooling is a professional Chicago heating repairs and HVAC company that has been family owned and operated for over 35 years. Standard Heating & Cooling is also a Better Business Bureau accredited company, and member of the CSMCA, RSES trade & professional organizations. We take pride in our work and in offering excellent customer service, whether you are looking for air duct repairs, ductwork installation, or some other type of heating, ventilation or air conditioning service. We offer free in-home estimates and, you can rest assured that the “take-it-or-leave-it” approach to estimates is just not acceptable to us. At Standard Heating & Cooling we describe the different levels of HVAC systems and services available that will meet the needs you expressed to us. We answer questions and offer advice to help YOU decide what best fits your situation. Most importantly, we put everything in WRITING and SIGN it. This helps eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings down the road and protects you from hidden little extras once the work has begun on your Chicago ductwork.

Standard Heating & Cooling also wants to help you protect the investment you've already made in your Chicago HVAC systems with our preventative maintenance services and indoor air quality services such as duct cleaning. We offer annual maintenance programs designed to maximize the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems while minimizing repair and energy bills, ensuring that your HVAC system keeps you comfortable for years to come.

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"We've always felt that we get good customer service from Standard. They've never tried to upsell anything to us."

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