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Chicago Air Quality

Standard Heating & Cooling  in Chicago, IL has been providing expert air purification services since 1972.  Family owned and operated, Standard Heating & Cooling air cleaning services include…

  • Indoor Air Quality Analysis
  • Annual Maintenance Agreements
  • Humidifier Repairs & Replacement
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Air Purifiers & Cleaners
  • Air Filters, HEPA Filters
  • UV Light Installation & Services
  • Whole House Air Filters & Cleaners

Our whole house air cleaners can remove up to 94 percent of the particles that pass through your Chicago area home’s HVAC system.

Not only will you be able to breathe easier, you will feel and see better too.  Clean air is not just important for Allergy sufferers, but is important for every member of your family.


Mold, Dust, Allergens, -Can Your Current Air Purification System Handle Them?

Standard Heating & Cooling air purification systems provide stepped-up filtration for your whole house, and are more effective than the air filters in your heating and air conditioning system alone. In fact, our whole house air cleaners can remove up to 94 percent of the particles that pass through your Chicago area home’s HVAC system.

Whether you use whole house air cleaners, air purifiers, or air filtration systems, Standard Heating & Cooling is knowledgeable and expert at purifying the air in your Chicago, IL home.  Let us assist you with your air purification needs.


Air Purification, Did You Know…?

That even the larger HEPA air purifier can clean only about up to 390 square feet of space?  What about the other rooms of your home?  The large areas of your home carry the most air and are much more difficult to purify.  This is where it becomes vital to have an air purifier that can handle large areas.  Whole house air cleaners will clean the largest amount of air.

Air pollution can be in the form of tiny dust particles that dust mites live on or large particles of skin and debris that visibly float around the room.

Generally, air purifiers filter the air in an air cycle in a one room environment.  And because different types of air purifiers specialize in different types of pollutant removal, it is best to combine the use of two or more systems.

Ideally, the air in a room is filtered 4 to 6 times per hour by any filter.  However, if the air purification system isn’t large enough, it may not be fully cleaning the air even once per day.

Different air purification technologies clean different types of pollutants and have different strengths and weaknesses, and based on the size of your filter, they clean different size rooms.

Many modern air purifiers combine two or more filter or media types in the same unit, which will increase performance.  The more types of pollutants you remove from your air, the better air quality you will have in your home.

Whether you need allergen control, mold removal, odor removal, or asthma management, we can find the best air purifier for your unique situation.

If you would like to have the quality of your air assessed in your Chicago, IL home, call Standard Heating & Cooling at 708-387-7700.

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