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What UV Light Installation Can Do For Homes in Chicago

Chicago UV Light InstallationImproving our indoor air quality is a must here in Chicago. In busy metro areas such as ours, a lot of pollution from the outdoor environment finds it way into homes.

Dust, pollen, pollution, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and chemical gasses find their way in and get trapped indoors.

Is your home healthy to live in? Have you had an indoor air quality test performed? Have you had ducts cleaned yearly or have you had a UV light installed?

There are ways you can live with healthier air inside your home. One is to have duct cleaning service to clean and sanitize the duct system in your home. This rids your air ducts of harmful substances as well as dirt and grime.

The second step to healthier indoor air is to have a UV Light Installed. UV light installation is a more permanent solution. Paired with initial duct cleaning and sanitizing, the air inside your home will stay clean and healthy.

Options In HVAC UV Lights

There are two options in UV Lights in Chicago for HVAC systems.

UV Light Coil Sterilizers – This light is installed near the HVAC coils to kill microbial growth on the air conditioning coil and areas around it. It destroys mold, mildew, viruses, VOC’s, odors, and more. It also helps maintain the maximized energy efficiency of the HVAC system.

In-Duct UV Air Sterilizers – This air treatment system is installed within the duct work. It rids the air and surrounding areas of contaminants such as mildew, viruses, odors, mold, and other organisms. This UV light keeps the air in the home clean.

UV Light Installation For Homes Is Not Just For Commercial Use Anymore

It’s not uncommon to find a great solution for a residential home that has been used for years in commercial applications. UV lights are an example. Many homeowners are now discovering just what this technology can do to eliminate unhealthy indoor air quality.

  • Hospitals install Ultraviolet Light systems to control infection.
  • Office building owners install UV Lights within air handling units to rid the environment of fungal contamination.
  • Food and beverage processing plants use UV Lights for sterilization.
  • Restaurants and commercial kitchens, manufacturing sites, and industrial complexes also use UV lights for various purposes.

In fact, UV light was used in 1903 for the treatment of tuberculosis. Today, this technology is useful for many things including sterilizing water and providing healthier indoor air for homes.

Maintenance Requirement For HVAC UV Lights

Maintaining the UV light system simply involves a checkup by an HVAC technician once or twice per year and a bulb replacement when needed. UV light bulbs cost somewhere around $70.

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