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Chicago heating and humidifiersIn Chicago, IL, heating and humidifiers go hand-in-hand to create a healthy and safe indoor environment. As furnaces and boilers are working overtime in the home, the indoor air tends to dry up. This isn’t good for the health of occupants and can also dry out the woodwork, carpeting, and fabrics.

Newer homes and buildings have more of a problem because they are sealed up tighter than older homes. An older structure tends to let in more moisture from the outdoor climate.

Good humidity levels balance the indoor air as the furnace operates. To achieve a balanced level at all times, a whole-home humidification system can be installed onto the HVAC system. It automatically operates, so it continually monitors and adjusts the humidity levels as needed.

Heating, Ventilation, & Humidity

Another important element to achieve a good indoor air climate is proper ventilation. Newer homes are sealed well, which prevents proper ventilation. The indoor climate can either trap too much humidity or become too dry.

When there is too much moisture, it can cause problems with the home’s structure and substructure. The drywall, paint, textures, woodwork, wallpaper, carpeting, and flooring are vulnerable to mold or mildew. The attic insulation and wall spaces can suffer from moisture damages. Mold and mildew is a health concern.

If the air is too dry, problems like sinus infections, respiratory illnesses, and dry or brittle furnishings become a problem.

There are a number of reasons why a home has poor ventilation, so the problem needs to be assessed by a professional Chicago HVAC technician. Most homeowners don’t even realize the home needs better ventilation.

Furnaces, Radiators, Boilers

Chicago heating systems vary. Some homes have natural gas furnaces, some radiators, some boilers, and some electric heating systems. Radiant heat systems sometimes have blowers that circulate warmth from the radiator around the room. Electric central air systems are a forced air system. Boilers have no blower, so they are not a forced air system.

If there is a blower or forced air system, the air inside the home will be dryer. This is because the air is dried out as it gets blown through ducts or around the radiant heater.

About Whole Home Humidifiers

As we mentioned, the whole home humidification system works automatically to monitor and adjust humidity levels indoors. They are much easier to take care of and maintain than portable humidifiers. Plus, they keep the entire home properly balanced all at once.

Conversely, portable humidifiers will only treat one room at a time and there is no way to know if more or less humidity is needed.

With good ventilation, humidity, and the right heating system, there should be no problem keeping your Chicago home comfortable. Standard Heating & Air, your local Chicago air conditioning contractor, can send one of our Comfort Consultants to assess the heating equipment and any humidification needs. Just give us a call anytime.

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