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How to Get the Best Performance From Your Highlands Air Conditioner



Highlands air conditioning system<When it comes to taking care of your Highlands air conditioning system it is obviously important to feel assured that it will be able to perform all through the hot summer months. Too often, homeowners try to  wait it out and only get the service when it is the hottest part of the summer and the system is not working at all. Of course by that point you could have to wait because there are so many service calls and you might need major repairs or even replacement.

The smartest approach you can take is to plan for making sure your system works long before the season hits when you will need it the most. While emergencies can obviously still happen unexpectedly, you are more likely to be able to avoid this from happening if you take a proactive and preventative approach to caring for your cooling system.

How to Make the Most of Your AC System

So are there some steps you can take in order to ensure that your air conditioner works at its best when the exterior temps are at their worst?

Supplement with fans but don’t go create too much overkill. Using ceiling or floor fans to help cool things off is a good idea, just adjust your thermostat accordingly. Many smart homeowners use the cooling during the day and then sleep at night with fans open, at least until the summer heat becomes too unbearable during the hottest of summer days.

Don’t go overboard and create too high a gap between outside and indoor temps. Obviously for situations where the outdoor temperature is over 90, the lower you set the indoor temperature the harder your AC unit will have to work. You can cool things down without having to live in a frozen tundra, which will also help to save on your monthly utility bills.

Even though it may sound obvious, avoid any appliances that omit heat placed close to the thermostat such as a TV or heating lamp.

Check the outside condition. If something is blocking your outdoor unit or if it has frozen up it won’t work as well and will run up your utility bills.

Call in the Experts

If you are ready to have your air conditioning checked out to make sure it is in proper working order, give the team at Standard Heating and Air Conditioning a call. For all of your Highlands air conditioning service needs, you can rely on us. The better you care for your system, the better it will work, the lower your utility bills will be and the more eco-friendly your home will be.

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