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Common Air Conditioning Problems & What They Mean

While a broken down furnace in the middle of a Chicago winter presents its own set of problems for your household, a broken down air conditioner is something you also want to avoid. What do you do when your AC goes out and your home starts feeling humid and hot? Call in the air conditioning […]

Chicago Heating & Humidifiers

Category: Heating

In Chicago, IL, heating and humidifiers go hand-in-hand to create a healthy and safe indoor environment. As furnaces and boilers are working overtime in the home, the indoor air tends to dry up. This isn’t good for the health of occupants and can also dry out the woodwork, carpeting, and fabrics. Newer homes and buildings […]

What UV Light Installation Can Do For Homes in Chicago

Improving our indoor air quality is a must here in Chicago. In busy metro areas such as ours, a lot of pollution from the outdoor environment finds it way into homes. Dust, pollen, pollution, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and chemical gasses find their way in and get trapped indoors. Is your home healthy to live […]

Duct Cleaning, A Part Of Regular Home Maintenance

Every year, homeowners will at some point do some heavy cleaning around the house. This is usually done in the spring, but can be delayed to any time of the year. Maintaining the home includes deep down cleaning. But cleaning the accumulated dust and grime around the house doesn’t do much good if the ductwork […]

Don’t Miss Out On Your Winter Heating Tune Up Chicago!

Category: Heating

The weather has been changing to welcome in the cold holiday season, and the Chicago area is gearing up for another cold winter season with heating tune ups for their home’s air comfort system. Don’t miss out on your heating tune up this year if you live in the Chicago area! Ideally, the tune up […]

Chicago Residents Benefit Substantially from Duct Cleaning Services

As a Chicago homeowner, you have an obligation to ensure that your property is in the best possible condition. One of the most important systems that you should takes measure to maintain is your HVAC system. The best way to properly maintain your HVAC system is to develop a relationship with a professionally licensed HVAC […]

How to Get the Best Performance From Your Highlands Air Conditioner

    When it comes to taking care of your Highlands air conditioning system it is obviously important to feel assured that it will be able to perform all through the hot summer months. Too often, homeowners try to  wait it out and only get the service when it is the hottest part of the […]

Heating Repairs – It’s Cold, Don’t Let The Dog Out!

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Many breeds of dogs love the outdoors in the wintertime. Long haired dogs such as Alaskan Malamute, American Eskimo Dog, Chow Chow, Great Pyrenees, Siberian Husky, Norwegian Elkhound, and more are well tolerated for the cold.   Extra body fat and double layer, thicker coats make these breeds suitable for the cold weather we experience […]

You Need Chicago Heating & Cooling, Experts at Air Purification Systems

Standard Heating & Cooling  in Chicago, IL has been providing expert air purification services since 1972.  Family owned and operated, Standard Heating & Cooling air cleaning services include… Indoor Air Quality Analysis Annual Maintenance Agreements Humidifier Repairs & Replacement Air Duct Cleaning Air Purifiers & Cleaners Air Filters, HEPA Filters UV Light Installation & Services […]

Heating Things Up in Chicago

Category: Heating

The plain truth is: nobody except Chicago professionals should try to do heating repairs. Homeowners should call a professional contractor to do the job for them since that would is safer and doing so can save valuable time and money. Since experts can solve the problem easily, they can avoid losing sleep due to frigid […]

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